Complete Credit

This is our most complete and comprehensive credit restoration and credit building program.  In order to reach your goals and establish a strong credit profile is important not only work with the credit bureaus directly but also engage your creditors.

Through this program we will do both. Additionally, we will enroll you in our Credit Builders Program where we will select a series of lenders, credit cards and loans that we feel will help you to establish a well rounded program.

"I was told that nobody could get inquiries off my credit report, you proved them wrong! I am giving you the two high fives. Thanks for your down home friendliness."
Allan Scranton, PA

With this premier program we can help you approach your credit problems on several different fronts. Although establishing an effective change in your credit has no guarantees, our process under this program seems to me the most effective for our customers.

+$10 per month for Credit Repair Monitoring
$89.00 per Month

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Since we are working directly with the creditors as well as the credit bureaus it is possible to see positive results much sooner than our Basic Credit Repair service.

  • Dedicated Counselor appointed to your case
  • Unlimited Credit bureau disputes
  • Unlimited Creditor disputes
  • Free support
  • No hidden fees
  • You may cancel at anytime
  • Escalated Requests
  • Extensive Debt validation
  • Monthly FICO score review & analysis
  • Full Access to our Credit Builders Program
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